“Not Yet Ready”- When Nikki Bella Stopped New Young Boyfriend From Kissing Her After Breakup With John Cena

The Bella Twins have always been a driving force in the WWE Industry when they were present and by the time they left, they had already penned a legacy like none other. With that being said, another major event that defined the long journey of Nikki Bella was her long-standing relationship with John Cena.

However, with that being said, Cena had his challenges and eventually things fell out after the couple couldn’t just make things work. Things went to such an extent that Nikki Bella once talked about how Cena would just set rules in the bed room and eventually they proved to be the real bummer.

There was another major factor that played a pivotal role in defining the relationship where Nikki Bella said that she eventually didn’t want Cena to have kids with her against his will and these two decisions forced both of them to call off the marriage ahead of its scheduled date.

Here is what Nikki Bella had to say about kissing Peter Krauss

The WWE Hall of Famer got into a romantic relationship with her erstwhile Dancing with the Stars partner, Artem Chigvintsev, while Nikki started dating the Bachelorette star, Peter Kraus before she got to get solid with the Russian dancer.


During an episode of Total Bellas, it was Brie Bella who set her twin sister up with Kraus and this was the first time she was seen being romantically involved with someone after Cena. However, when Kraus attempted to kiss Nikki, he was stopped as the former Women’s champion confessed that she was not yet ready.

Despite the mutual interest between each other and the urge to be romantically involved, things didn’t really work out between the two in terms of the romantic front. When it comes to stars like Nikki and Brie, things can go really haywire for them considering the kind of rumours and backstabbing hurts that follow.


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