“Not Pulling The Trigger On Cody Rhodes”- WWE Universe Dissects The Mistakes Of Triple H As WWE Creative Head

They say that Triple H has made a wave of changes to the WWE creative team ever since he has taken over and the changes are evident. The entire WWE Universe loves how WWE has gone about their business and the current storylines are nothing short of wondrous. From the Bloodline implosion to The Judgment Day teetering along on the fringes of another implosion, the crowd has been absolutely loving it.


Not only has Triple H restored the WWE storylines to its former fame but somehow, he has managed to get entire shows after shows housefull and that probably is his biggest strength. He knows the nerve of the audience and most importantly he acts according to it. There was a time when no matter what requests were being made by the fans, they fell on deaf ears.

However, even Gods have struggled to keep up and they have slipped as well but that doesn’t mean we disregard them. Without drawing comparisons, Hunter is simply another human and despite all the right noises, he has slipped up too, not as frequently as Vince McMahon did, but he has had his errors too.


Here is what Twitteratti had to say about the mistakes of Triple H

Now one may ask, what exactly did HHH did wrong and to be honest this question was asked at the loudest by an official Twitter account called Just Talk Wrestling.

The account shares its content from WWE, Impact Wrestling and AEW and has been doing pretty fine. The very moment fans got an opportunity to talk about where did Hunter go wrong, they were all over the place, criticizing the moves of Triple H.

Well, that is how social media works, no matter how many good things, you would still be pinned and pulled because people simply don’t want to pass up on an opportunity to talk trash. They are at their artistic best when you ask them to criticize. Here is what Twitteratti had to say about this entire show run by Hunter.



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