“No Big Cricketers Looks Interested In Paying For Blue Ticks”, Twitter reacts as top cricketers lose their blue verification tick on Twitter

It has been a rough morning for most of them who have logged on to Twitter this morning. Blue Ticks from some prominent accounts have been removed and hence, this is triggering a lot of reactions. Here, we take a look at how Twitter reacted as top cricketers lose their blue verification tick on Twitter.

Top cricketers lose their blue verification tick on Twitter

After Elon Musk took over Twitter, he brought in a notable change. He made the rule that the blue ticks would require a subscription by the users. Other coloured ticks were given to organizations or institutions as per the category. For blue ticks, users could still buy the service but for the legacy accounts, the last date for renewal was today. Since most did not go for the subscription route, they had their blue ticks removed. Some top cricketers such as Virat Kohli, MS Dhoni and Rohit Sharma were also subject to this change.

Meanwhile, this will cause a lot of issues on the internet. From a fan perspective, now that these accounts do not have a tick, it would be easy to be misled by other accounts with the same picture and similar user name. False information could easily get spread in this manner. In this era, this can be dangerous and hence, the move has been criticised when it was announced, as well. For the cricketers, too, the tick was a symbol of their popularity. For their marketing and promotional activities, they would want to get back the tick at the earliest.


Twitter reacts to the development

Meanwhile, there were a lot of reactions on Twitter. Many were surprised by the sudden development. On the other hand, a few took this move on a lighter note. Here are some reactions in this regard:


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