WWE Superstar Rejects Chance To Fight Brock Lesnar At WrestleMania 39 – Reports

Brock Lesnar’s future in the upcoming PLEs is not clear yet. After Royal Rumble, fans expect to see him in a mega match at WrestleMania 39. But according to reports, he competing both at the Elimination Chamber and at WrestleMania 39. He doesn’t have opponents yet though.


Lesnar spent around 3 minutes in the Royal Rumble match, entering at #12, only to get eliminated by his nemesis Bobby Lashley. At the match, he and Intercontinental champion Gunther had an intense stare down as well. However there are no plans for these two to collide any time soon.

Wrestling journalist Dave Meltzer is reporting the same that rumors about their collision are false. He says that WWE has different plans for The Beat Incarnate. He also reported that WWE approached Stone Cold Steve Austin to face Brock at WrestleMania but he turned them down. However, Brock is still going to compete at WM in April. Also he is competing at the Elimination Chamber on February 18th but against whom is still a mystery in both.


Will Brock Lesnar wrestle at WWE Elimination Chamber 2023?

Meltzer said in his Wrestling Observer Newsletter: “Lesnar has been confirmed to be working both Montreal and WrestleMania. For Mania, it could be another match with Lashley…”

He has had a long lasting feud with Bobby Lashley since the beginning of last year. In the two one on one matches, they’ve had, Bobby has won one and Brock has won one. The triology could happen this month itself if the two bulls lock horns again. But if this rubber match happens at the Elimination Chamber, then Lesnar will need a brand new opponent for ‘Mania.

Right now, Lashley is the only legitimate threat to Lesnar. They are mirror images of each other. They both have collegiate wrestling backgrounds and are almost the same age. The internet used to call Lashley another version Lesnar in the past. Therefore, Lesnar Vs Lashley III should happen at the grandest stage of them all. A UFC style MMA bout is what fans really want between them.


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