WWE Rumors: Which Main Roster Superstars Will Head Back To NXT?

According to Xero News, some of the superstars from the main roster may be joining NXT very soon. Their sources have even revealed the names of said superstars who could be on their way to the developmental brand. For now, the names of Tamina, Drew Gulak and Akira Tozawa have come up among the superstars bound for the migration.


These superstars were mostly used as comic relief on the main roster, mostly competing for and chasing after the 24/7 title.

Here is the reason why Tamina may go back to NXT

For the new fans, Tamina is a part of one of the most powerful wrestling families in pro wrestling, the Anoa’I family that boasts such WWE legends like Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and the current Undisputed champion Roman Reigns as well as his Bloodline.



Fans were expecting her to join the super faction as she literally is their blood, but her career has never been at par with her WWE relatives as she has only won the Women’s Tag team title once and only the parody 24/7 title multiple times in her twelve years with WWE.

She was involved in a storyline this year with Akira Tozawa which showed her as the object of his romantic desire while the two pursued the 24/7 title.

Tozawa too has never been able to make a mark for himself on the main roster, only winning the 24/7 championship 16 times and the now defunct WWE Cruiserweight championship only once during 205 Live (also discontinued).


The third name to be allegedly going to NXT, Drew Gulak has often been used as a jobber in squash matches or for getting beaten up backstage. His last appearance on the main roster was in a squash match with Karrion Kross who hung him on the ring ropes. Gulak had also won the cruiserweight title only once and the 24/7 title 8 times.

The Twitter account has also revealed that other superstars who were involved in the 24/7 storyline may also be moved to NXT soon and if they perform well, they could become permanent residents of that brand.


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