​WWE Clash At The Castle 2022 Match Card: Here Is The Reason Why Carmella May Not Wrestle On The UK PPV

Carmella seemed to suffer a crushing injury during the latest WWE live event at North Charleston, compelling the stickler to put up a “X” sign. The live show transpired at the North Charleston Coliseum in North Charleston.


The match card starred a lot of contests out of which a triple threat match for the RAW Women’s Championship that was slated to be Bianca Belair, Asuka and Carmella.

As the match progressed, Belair attempted a backflip that was supposed to take down Mella. Unfortunately, the flip went sideways and Mella struck her head on the ring post. As far as the fans who were present on the ringside, the official instantly threw up the ‘X’ symbol. This symbol is not something that you want to see during an ongoing game.


Here is the latest update on WWE Superstar Carmella

Despite Carmella walking away on her own, she was seen trying to avert the blinding lights after smashing her head against the ring post. The meaning of “X” symbol signifies that the injury to a wrestling superstar is that bad which will be forcing the referee to stop the game.

It seemed that Carmella’s husband, Corey Graves was not happy at all about the latest progress as he took to Twitter to express his discontent about the same. However, now the authority will be faced with another important question.

Will Carmella be fit to compete at the Clash at the castle as her injury seems to be serious? Even though she walked on her own, smashing your head against the ring post isn’t something that any individual wants to suffer. It is a telling blow, and that means that if WWE had any plans for Carmella at the biggest stadium PPV in UK for the last 30 years, that will have to wait.



Unless there is a clear indication from the medical representatives, Mella may not be a part of the upcoming PPV. WWE will have to find a replacement and also may have to drift from their original storyline.


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