Fact Check: Did Parthiv Patel sledge Steve Waugh in 2004 Ind vs Aus series? Ravichandran Ashwin answers

Indian off-spinner Ravichandran Ashwin discussed in one of his YouTube videos the famous India-Australia moments and rivalries. With India set to tour Australia from November 27- January 19, Ashwin believes it was a good time to relive some of the great moments between the two passionate cricket-playing nations.

Ravichandran Ashwin opens up on whether Parthiv Patel sledged Steve Waugh

One such moment was when a very young Parthiv Patel was playing for India in the 2004 tour of Australia. It is said that he sledged the former Australian skipper, who was playing his last Test for Australia. It is also believed that Waugh turned back at Parthiv and said that he was in his nappies when the Australian made his debut. But Ravichandran Ashwin revealed that he had asked Parthiv Patel and though he was chirping a few words into Waugh’s ear, Waugh did not say anything of this sort.

“I asked Parthiv Patel. I think he did have a chat. He was obviously talking to Steve Waugh. But the whole ‘You were in your nappies when I made my debut’ were all made-up. I don’t think it was true, it was false,” Ravichandran Ashwin stated.

Ravichandran Ashwin also recalled an alleged incident between Hershcelle Gibbs and Steve Waugh in the 1999 World Cup. The match been Australia and South Africa was evenly poised and Steve Waugh hit the ball straight to Gibbs, who dropped it while trying to celebrate. It was believed that Waugh sledged Gibbs by saying that he might have dropped the World Cup. But when Ashwin asked Waugh, he clarified that he said nothing like that.

“In fact, I met Steve Waugh when he was here last time. I did ask him personally if he said to Herschelle Gibbs ‘You just dropped the World Cup, mate’.He told me that he never said those stuff. In fact a lot of these things are marketing gimmicks. I checked with both Parthiv and Waugh,” Ravichandran Ashwin said.

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