Here Is The Reason Why Roman Reigns is Called Head Of The Table

Roman Reigns recently explained as to why he was given his nick name Head of The Table in an interview with Bleacher Report. He explained that it was impromptu and just called himself that randomly while in a SmackDown segment with Jey Uso, before WWE Clash of Champions 2020. Right then he had a gut feeling that this name would stick to him.


He called himself the “Head of The Table” without any preparation because he naturally cuts his promos and doesn’t believe in scripted material by writers. He said it’s stressful for him to memorize the lines and he ends up forgetting them live. And as we have seen on many occasions, they really don’t work for him.


Roman said: “I try not to be too detailed…If I’m thinking about lines and trying to memorize stuff, it’s stressful to me. It’s never worked for me that way.”

The backstory behind Head of the Table Roman Reigns

However, it seems he has always, at the back of his mind, wanted to use this nickname because an old footage from 2014 has emerged where he can be seen talking about himself taking the rightful place at the “Head of The Table”

The Head of the Table moniker suits him as well, because that’s what he really is right now. His Bloodline consisting of his real-life twin cousins Jimmy and Jey Uso and their brother Solo Sikoa have all acknowledged him as that. Also being WWE’s top guy, he literally is the Head of the Table right now (table being the entire WWE roster) holding both the Universal and WWE titles and being undefeated in over two years.


Call him what you may, The Big Dog, The Head of The Table or The Tribal Chief, as a heel and the Undisputed Champion, Roman is on God Mode, as he himself says. His promos have been perfect. He has transformed from being a hated hero to a beloved villain.


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