​Full List Of New Superstars Signed By WWE In August 2022

If there is one man who entirely believes in the young guns, that is Triple H. Ever since his return as the creative head of the WWE, filling in the boots of Vince McMahon, there have been seismic changes in the industry’s roster with formerly jilter stars realigning with the company.


WWE recently announced its latest class of young recruits who stepped in the mega-structure to take their first step towards stardom. There was a total of 17 youngsters who were chosen for the future class of WWE with their background varying between mixed martial art, grappling, soccer, volleyball and football.

Here is a list of the WWE superstars who made the latest class of young guns:

In a quick introduction, WWE unveiled the 17 stars where the first was that of Valerie Loureda who had previously been famous in the Bellator circuit, stitching together a 4-1 record. The 24-year-old fighter is a taekwondo blackbelt and has already been making ripples across the MMA roster.


Tracy Hancock, the second recruit was a former Olympian as she Wrestled for the States in the in the 2020 Olympic Games at Tokyo. She also bagged a bronze medal at the 2021 World Wrestling Championships.

Former Miss Indiana, Alexis Lete was also a member of the latest class of athletes hired by WWE. She had a fine background in volleyball, serving the George Washington University as their ace middle blocker for four long years.

Tiller Bucktrot was a towering giant who also served as the former offensive linesman for Tulsa University while Abule Abadi-Fitzgerald servaed as a defensive tackle for Kentucky.


AJ Amrhein is known for her fitness instructions and tumbling flair on Baylor Acrobatics and Tumbling team while Antoine Frazer served as one of the finest offensive line for Kansas University and University of Northern Iowa.

As the names kept on pouring, WWE heralded a significant move for the future and given the presence of talent at the moment, with Triple H at the helm of affairs, it is indeed best for business.

Here is the list of all the stars signed by WWE:

  1. Valerie Loureda
  2. Tracy Hancock
  3. Alexis Lete
  4. Tiller Bucktrot
  5. Abule Abadi Fitzgerald
  6. Aj Amrhein
  7. Antoine Frazier
  8. Issac Odugbesan
  9. Daniel McArthur
  10. Gina DeLucia
  11. Giovanno Eburneo
  12. Houston Miller
  13. Caleb Balgaard
  14. Joe Spivak
  15. Sarah Baer
  16. Roman Macek


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