New Zealand Cricket (NZC) frees Trent Boult from central contract, left armer might feature for Rajasthan Royals owned franchise in CSA league

NZC had planned to not allow any of their players to play in the overseas T20 leagues during New Zealand summer

The New Zealand fast bowler Trent Boult has reached an agreement with New Zealand Cricket (NZC) to be released from the central contract so that he is not liable to play for the national team all the time and he can pick and choose the matches he would want to play in.


According to a statement released by Trent Boult, the main reason behind him wanting to free himself from the binding of the New Zealand central contract is because he wants to have more time in hand for his family, which is a young family with three kids.

Trent Boult is expected to feature in a few T20 leagues around the world in the meantime and now with him dropping the New Zealand central contract, the speculations are rife that he might represent the Royals franchise in the new CSA T20 league.



Not too many players can go Trent Boult’s way just yet: NZC CEO

Apart from Cricket Australia, NZC was also planning to not allow their players to play in the CSA league as they wanted their players to play for their domestic sides in the first class and the List A competitions during the New Zealand summer, apart from the international games that New Zealand will play at home during that time.

But, now with Boult not being a centrally contracted New Zealand player anymore, he will be free to take part in the CSA league if he wants to. The NZC CEO dropped hints that Boult would be playing in the T20 leagues more frequently, but he also insisted that a lot of players can’t go that way just yet.

NZC CEO reckons for any player to be offered a big contract by the franchise owners in the leagues, he needs to be an international superstar first and one can become an international superstar only by playing for his country. Without substantial achievements at the international level, cricketers can’t earn lucrative league contracts.




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