“My white ball record is not bad and I am only 25 right now,” Rishabh Pant unhappy with people making conclusions on his white ball career already

Rishabh Pant was being interviewed by the reputed Indian anchor Harsha Bhogle in New Zealand today

Rishabh Pant was not very happy earlier today when he was talking to the Indian anchor Harsha Bhogle ahead of the start of the third ODI in New Zealand and that’s because Harsha reminded the Indian wicketkeeper-batsman that his record in red-ball cricket is more impressive than in white ball cricket.

Harsha said that he had asked the same question to Virender Sehwag many years ago because when he first saw Virender Sehwag, he thought Sehwag would be a fearsome white ball player, but he turned out to be a better red ball player than a white ball player. Harsha told Pant if his career is also on the same trajectory as Sehwag’s career.

Rishabh Pant didn’t take kindly to that question as he insisted that his record in white ball cricket is not bad either and there shouldn’t be any comparisons made between his red ball record and white ball record just yet, because he is only 25 years of age and is in the early stages of his career.


Compare my records when I am 30-32 years of age: Rishabh Pant

According to Pant, if someone makes a comparison between his red ball and white ball record when he is 30-32 years of age, he can understand that, but he is only in his mid-20s and it’s not appropriate to reach a conclusion by looking at his numbers at this point.

Harsha then asked Pant what are his preferred batting slots in the three formats of the game as he is currently playing for India in all three formats. Pant had an interesting answer to that, as he said he wouldn’t want his batting slots to be changed in ODI and test cricket and would like to continue batting in the middle order in those two formats, but he would prefer to open the batting in T20I cricket.



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