MS Dhoni launches consumer camera drones named “Droni” in partnership with Garuda aerospace

Garuda aerospace is a 6-year old Indian start-up which began with manufacturing agricultural drones

The former Indian captain MS Dhoni has been making business investments in a lot of different areas including organic farming, cricket academies, global schools, and film production, but recently he has also partnered with a drone manufacturing company Garuda aerospace to launch camera drones for consumer usage.

The camera drone that has been launched and will be available for sale in the market for normal consumers by the end of this year has been named “Droni”.

MS Dhoni had initially started his association with Garuda aerospace as a brand ambassador before he became an investor in the company as well. The 40-year-old, who is still playing for CSK, was in Chennai yesterday to launch this new “Droni” drone.


Garuda aerospace is a 6-year-old start-up that started making agricultural drones first for the purpose spraying of pesticides in the agriculture fields, but the drones made by the company were also used for sanitization purposes in partnership with the Indian government during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Now the company is making drones that will be used for mapping purposes and to inspect the pipelines used in the industries, apart from delivery purposes as well.

MS Dhoni talked about his love for agriculture while talking to the media in Chennai

MS Dhoni, who addressed the media yesterday in Chennai, talked about his love for agriculture and how he took a keen interest in it while the country was locked down during the pandemic. He also talked about the significance of agricultural drones.


The veteran wicketkeeper-batsman has got his own organic farming firm named “Eeja farms” which is located in Ranchi and is spread over a huge space of land of more than 40 acres.


The CEO of Garuda aerospace Agnishwar Jayaprakash also talked about the significance of the indigenous drones that his company is making and how it is working under the “make in India” policy of the prime minister Narendra Modi to make the country atmabnirbhar (self-dependent) in terms of drone manufacturing.



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