“Mission impossible”, Twitter reacts as Sunil Narine will play in 2 different leagues within 4 days

Sunil Narine is a master when it comes to the T20 format. It is not a surprise that many franchises try to sign him in various leagues across the globe. T20 leagues are anyways the norm right now in the game. In this regard, Narine is taking up a task which could well be the future of the game. On that note, here, we take a look at how Twitter reacted as Sunil Narine will play 4 games on 2 different continents in 2 different leagues.

Sunil Narine will play 4 games on 2 different continents in 2 different leagues

In recent times, despite the emergence of various T20 leagues, we have hardly seen any player operate in 2 different leagues at the same time. We have witnessed players finish one league and then go on to participate in another tournament. However, it appears that Narine is taking up the task of playing in two different leagues at the same time.

Narine is preparing for the first season of Major League Cricket. He is the skipper of the Los Angeles Knight Riders. At the same time, he is also a part of the Vitality Blast. The English T20 competition will move to its crucial fixtures in the next few days. Narine will first play the first game for LAKR and then, he would travel to Birmingham for the Vitality Blast fixtures. After finishing his assignment in England, Narine will fly back to Texas to continue playing in the MLC.


Twitter reacts to the attempt by the West Indian spinner

Not many have attempted such a feat in recent years. That said and as mentioned earlier, this might be the norm going forward. Narine, being a complete T20 cricketer, has set an example in this regard. We might see many more follow this work ethic in the future.

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