Michael Cole Makes Surprising Mistake While Calling WWE RAW, Apologizes Quickly On Air

The seasoned veteran of the WWE commentary table. Michael Cole has been the voice of the wrestling giant for quite some time. However, even the most experienced professionals like him can slip up, at times. Michael Cole had the same experience on RAW tonight when he made a mistake calling the action.

During the latest episode of RAW, a six-man tag team match featured The Judgment Day facing off against Rey Mysterio, Dragon Lee, and Braun Strowman. The LWO and The Judgment Day have been engaged in a feud for some time, with Braun Strowman joining the fray to specifically target his heated rival, JD McDonagh.

At one point during the bout, Rey Mysterio entered the ring to battle his opponent. To everyone’s surprise, Michael Cole mistakenly referred to him as his partner, Dragon Lee multiple times, leaving fans totally confused. The mix-up was likely due to the similar attire worn by the two masked luchadores.


What mistake did Michael Cole make while calling the action on RAW?

Once the Voice of WWE realized his error, he began tripping over his words and lost his composure, quickly correcting himself.

“Oh it’s Rey, sorry, that’s Rey Mysterio!”


Cole exclaimed, acknowledging his mistake. Even after returning from a commercial break, he continued to admit his blunder, reiterating that it was indeed Mysterio and not Dragon Lee in the ring. But Cole’s broadcast colleague, Pat McAfee, known for his candid commentary, didn’t miss the opportunity to point out his mistake, adding to the moment’s humor.

Overall, this incident on Monday Night RAW added an unexpected yet entertaining twist to the evening, highlighting the live nature of wrestling broadcasts and the challenges commentators face in keeping up with the fast-paced WWE action. Michael Cole’s quick correction ensured that the focus remained on the in-ring drama, keeping viewers engaged and entertained throughout the night on the go-home edition of RAW for their upcoming PLE, WWE Clash at the Castle.


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