“Maybe”- Shanky Predicts Who Will Beat Roman Reigns For WWE Undisputed Universal Championship

Indian WWE superstar, Shanky, has given a surprising name who could dethrone the current Undisputed WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns. Roman, as of this very moment, is in his 1,100+ day reign, and the discussion of who could end his three-year-long title run is never ending at this point.

Many thought that Cody Rhodes could have realistically dethroned Roman back at WrestleMania, but that never happened as the creative thought that Cody needed more adversity before becoming World Champion. Others thought that Jey Uso was the one to beat Roman, considering he pinned Roman clean at ‘Money in the Bank’ this year. We all know what happened at ‘SummerSlam’ to say the least.  

With every day that goes by, the list of superstars who could beat Roman for the title is growing short. You could still bet on Cody beating Roman at next year’s WrestleMania, but nothing can be predicted right now.



LA Knight is another great option as he might be the most over guy in the company. However, Shanky has given a unique yet possible name for someone who could end Roman’s run for good.

Speaking to Jigal Bhanushali of ‘Sportskeeda Wrestling’, Shanky believes that the current Intercontinental Champion Gunther could very well end up being the guy WWE is looking for to beat Roman:

“Maybe Gunther, who is the Intercontinental Champion.”


Will Gunther beat Roman Reigns?

A surprising opponent for Roman considering both Roman and Gunther are heels at the moment. With him now having crossed The Honky Tonk Man’s record to become the longest reigning Intercontinental Champion, Gunther is slowly but surely becoming a modern-day legend. Gunther is one of the favorites to win the Royal Rumble match next year, so Shanky’s opinion may end up becoming a reality.


Shanky was last seen at the 2023 ‘Superstar Spectacle’ live event, where he lost to Gunther for the Intercontinental Championship. No wonder why he gave that name to dethrone Roman!

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