“Just A Step Away” – Liverpool Provides Update Regarding Signing The £35m Star

Liverpool Provides Update Regarding Signing The £35m Star: Liverpool FC, the iconic Premier League side, is reportedly preparing to reignite their interest in Torino’s centre-back, Perr Schuurs. With the aim of outmanoeuvring Crystal Palace, Liverpool’s plan is to make a “new move” for the Dutch player, illustrating their undying interest. The formidable Reds had their eyes on Schuurs last summer as well, in a deal that ultimately didn’t materialize, leading to his £8m move to Torino instead.

In this tussle, renowned clubs like Tottenham, Liverpool, and Paris Saint-Germain have shown interest, revealed George Gardi. Gardi, an Italian agent, played a mediating role in Schuurs’ move from Ajax to Torino. Liverpool’s continued aspiration to sign the 23-year-old player is fueled by his performances in Serie A, which have captured the attention of Jurgen Klopp, Liverpool’s head coach.

Meanwhile, Crystal Palace is looking to beat Liverpool in this race. They’re reportedly laying out an enticing offer in hopes of securing Schuurs. News from DAZN journalist Orazio Accomando has sparked excitement among the Eagles’ supporters, with claims of a four-year contract ready for Schuurs, in exchange for a fee of €35m.


Liverpool FC, the iconic Premier League side, is reportedly preparing to reignite their interest in Torino’s centre-back, Perr Schuurs

Accomando took to Twitter to share the news: “Perr #Schuurs one step away from farewell to #Torino. The #CrystalPalace presented a 35M offer to the grenade club and hopes to close in the next few hours for the Dutch centre-back. A 4-year contract is ready.”

This situation has led to a captivating turn of events. Fans of both clubs are eagerly waiting to see how this transfer saga unfolds. With such promising prospects, it is no surprise that multiple clubs are vying for Schuurs’ signature.

Despite the promise of a four-year contract from Crystal Palace, it is yet to be seen where Schuurs’ loyalties will lie. Will he choose the allure of a bigger club like Liverpool, or the certainty of a long-term contract at Palace?


In the end, it all boils down to Schuurs’ decision. As anticipation mounts among fans, the transfer window promises to be a thrilling watch. It’s certainly not every day that we see clubs of this stature locked in a battle for a player’s signature. The coming days are sure to bring more developments in this high-stakes transfer saga.

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