Liv Morgan Sets Major WWE Goal for the year 2025

Liv Morgan has made it clear that she is coming for bigger plans in 2025. She is already a star in the making and the fans simply love what they see. However, her message early on in the year is just an ode to something crazy, something incredible and something massive.

The former women’s champion returned to WWE Royal Rumble where she was the final entrant in the rumble clash, leaving the fans heaving in frenzy and rapture.  It was an injury that forced her out of contest for a while and when she returned after an impressive display, she was eventually ousted of the ring by Becky Lynch, the eventual champion of the match.

While talking to TNT Sports, Morgan said that this was something special for her to be the final entrant in the 2024 Royal Rumble match and the storyline that was plotted to welcome her back, she was in absolute awe of it.


Here is what Liv Morgan had to say about her position in the Royal Rumble 2024

Morgan said, “It made me feel really special because number 30, that is a very coveted spot. That is the big surprise. That is like the anchor of the match, and so for it to be for a little old Liv Morgan, I appreciated it. I was happy that I was able to make that timeline to be recovered in time to participate in the Rumble. You know, last year I entered second and I lasted to the very end with Rhea Ripley and this year I entered number 30 and I lasted to the very end with Bayley. So I’m hoping next year is my year.”

However, that wasn’t the end of the road for Morgan as she is going to be a part of the Women’s Elimination Chamber match at the upcoming coveted event and her presence can be one to watch out for.


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