List of Wyatt Sicks victims on WWE RAW revealed

After months of waiting and witnessing the mysterious antics that prevailed over WWE, the mastermind behind the ominous activities, Uncle Howdy and his new faction, The Wyatt Sicks faction, was finally revealed. At the end of this week’s edition of Monday Night RAW, Howdy and his crew decimate the entire backstage area, and a lot of individuals have been revealed.

As witnessed on Monday Night RAW, Uncle Howdy and his dark force destroyed the entire gorilla position, making the scene look like a complete wreck. Moreover, multiple individuals fell victim to their attack, including RAW star Chad Gable, who was visibly left battered on camera.

Who are the people who fell victim to Uncle Howdy and Wyatt Sicks’ heinous attack?

According to PWInsider, the other people who were attacked during the segment were brought in by the promotion as extras. Furthermore, they were not affiliated with NXT or ongoing storylines, emphasizing the faction’s indiscriminate approach to the people on their target list.


Nevertheless, the Wyatt Sicks, led by Uncle Howdy, walked right past them and graced the entrance stage with their presence to signal their arrival in the classic style of the late Bray Wyatt, who is the inspiration behind the entire vision for the stable.

Moreover, the antics of the group did not stop on Monday Night RAW. A blackout occurred at the end of The Pat McAfee Show, which many believed was Wyatt Sicks’ invasion. Although Pat later clarified that the power out was not due to Uncle Howdy’s clan, a follow-up video message saw Uncle Howdy invading the same with the message “You Lied.” Also, he seemed to have hacked RAW GM Adam Pearce’s social media accounts, sending cryptic messages.

With Uncle Howdy and the rest of the Wyatt Sicks making a huge statement on their first night itself, it will be interesting to see things pan out in the coming weeks.


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