Legend Rey Mysterio Set To Touch Major Milestone In His WWE Career On July 25

Rey Mysterio is one of the most well-known WWE Superstars of all time. The masked pro wrestler has delivered many memorable matches in his legendary career. Not a single fan can forget the way Mysterio entered the Royal Rumble at the start of the match in 2006 and went on to win the match. He has been the ‘biggest small man’ in WWE history.

At the moment, Rey Mysterio is a part of the WWE RAW roster. He is a member of the tag team division with his son Dominik Mysterio. Last year, both Rey and Dominik made history by becoming the first father-son duo in WWE history to win the WWE SmackDown Tag Team Championships. They had a decent reign that ended at the hands of the Usos.

WWE has teased splitting up the Mysterios on multiple occasions, but the father-son duo is still together. They had a brief rivalry with Veer Mahaan recently which saw the Indian Superstar come out on top. This past week, the Mysterios took on Judgement Day on WWE Main Event.


A Twitter user recently pointed out that like John Cena, Rey Mysterio will complete 20 years in WWE on July 25. Cena will complete it on June 27, and he is getting a special show. On July 25, WWE will be in MSG for the RAW episode.

Selina de la Renta wants to manage Rey Mysterio one day

Selina de la Renta, who managed the Lucha Brothers in AEW, wishes to be a manager for Rey Mysterio one day in her career. Here’s what she said on UnSKripted:


“I’ve always had a dream of managing Rey Mysterio. I’ve always said that if I did that, I’m pretty much out and you will never see me again because I think I’ll reach my top there. I really admire him and I got to meet him.”


Vinay Chhabria is a cricket and WWE enthusiast who supports Roman Reigns and Gujarat Titans. He has been following cricket for the last 15 years and WWE since 2016.

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