Latest Update On WWE’s WrestleMania XL Plan For LA Knight – Reports

With this year’s WrestleMania XL already dominated by talks about the Rock, Roman Reigns, the Bloodline and a bit of Seth Rollins too, one name that could have done massive rounds, has somewhat got completely overwhelmed in the process and that is the rise of LA Knight. After doing vehement rounds in the chatterboxes around WWE, it was expected that LA Knight may have been in the championship rounds in the Showcase of Immortals but now new reports suggest that he is miles from being there.

As per the reports quoted by Fightful Select’s Sean Ross Sapp, LA Knight was being discussed of being in the plans that would pit him against the might of Champion Logan Paul. He was asked if there is still scope of Knight and Paul happening on the grandest entertainment event of all time, he had a very straightforward answer. He said, “That was the plan. I don’t know if it still is the plan, but that was discussed at one point.”

Here is why LA Knight is currently being eclipsed

It seems like that this is a million lightyears away from what was initially planned and if things aren’t going alright, then maybe this plan would not see the light of the day. This has been a regular occurrence in WWE where plans had to be changed in the last moments but then that is how this industry works.


Somehow for LA Knight, the hype has already died down ever since his defeat to Roman Reigns and truth be told, after that match-up with the Tribal Chief, what followed thereafter with AJ Styles was more of a scrappy rivalry which didn’t have the sparks of being massive. In fact, it was just two superstars brawling with each other and they seemed utterly at ocean about the fact that why were they even fighting.

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