Last 5 WWE Superstars To Pin Roman Reigns – Where Are They Now?

Roman Reigns is the single most dominant performer of the decade and has a record of being the champion for two years which he recently completed and celebrated on SmackDown. In self-proclaimed “GOD mode” the multi time World champion hasn’t even been pinned in over 900 days.

Speaking of which, here is a list of 5 superstars who Last pinned The Tribal Chief in the middle of the squared circle and what are they doing now after performing this incredible feat:

5. Dash Wilder


This is the craziest pin in the Big Dog’s career.

The Revival (Dash Wilder and Scott Dawson), a mid-level heel tag team, was facing the unlikely team of Roman Reigns and Bobby Lashley on a RAW episode in 2018. Being rivals, they ultimately imploded when Roman blind tagged Lashley. He then speared Scott Dawson but was rolled up for a pin by Dash Wilder in an upset no one could have seen coming.

Dash Wilder and Scott Dawson were granted their releases from WWE on April 10, 2020, fifteen months after their request in January 2019. They said later that the tag team division doesn’t get respect in WWE.


They went on to join WWE’s rival company AEW as FTR (Dash Harwood and Cash Wheeler) and have been the tag champs there and on other associated promotions like AAA, ROH and IWGP.

4. One of the last Superstars to pin Roman Reigns – Bobby Lashley

The Almighty Bobby Lashley is one of the most dominant physical specimens WWE has ever produced. The former Army man manhandles his foes like nobody’s business. He was the only one believable enough to take Reigns down and that’s exactly what he did at Extreme Rules 2018 in a highly explosive encounter.

The recently returned Lashley needed some momentum going and beating Reigns was just that, in a match that spilled ringside. He stopped Roman’s spear with a spear of his own winning the match to loud cheers.


Lashley has since done great things with WWE and become a two-time WWE Champion, two-time Intercontinental champion and three-time United States champion (still reigning). He also went on to make his own stable, the Hurt Business, with Shelton Benjamin, Cedric Alexander and MVP and beat all-time greats like Brock Lesnar and giants like Omos among many more. Even at 46, the ageless wrestler isn’t showing any signs of slowing down and even wants to compete as an MMA fighter again.

3. One of the last Superstars to pin Roman Reigns – Shane McMahon

Shane-O-Mac, the prince of WWE, has had his share of mind-blowing moments over the years. His daredevil antics are well known. But when he faced the Big Dog at Super ShowDown 2019, the least the WWE Universe expected was him getting an upset win as he is not a regular talent and more of a backstage official. Still, he got the win, although with Drew McIntyre’s help, in a slow unamusing match. Boos by the WWE Universe confirmed that.


Shane made many once in a while appearances for the company, doing dangerous spots that he is famous for and competing with top stars. But booking himself to look strong against regular wrestlers led to his quiet release from WWE in February 2022. He is a full-time businessman now who’s into Sports Management and co owns a motorcycle shop along with other ventures.

4. One of the last Superstars to pin Roman Reigns – Erick Rowan

When the behemoth Erick Rowan collided with the Big Dog at Clash of Champions 2019 in a No Disqualifications match, it had a very unexpected ending. Rowan’s Bludgeon Brother Luke Harper came to his rescue and interfered, helping the Norwegian ancestry wrestler get the biggest win of his career. The win wasn’t clean but a massive upset and was another milestone in the downward slump of Reigns at that time.


Rowan was released from contract in 2020 during the budget cut releases and has competed in the independent circuit as Erick Redbeard. Currently he competes at All Elite Wrestling with the new name.

1. King Corbin

After winning the prestigious King of the Ring tournament, Baron Corbin was on a high and had proclaimed himself as King and head of the locker room backstage surpassing Reigns. Ever since then, he had connived to humiliate Roman and faced him in a singles match on SmackDown that commenced in November 2019.


Here King Corbin did the impossible by pinning Roman Reigns in the middle of the ring, although not clean, with the help of the Dirty Dawgs Bobby Roode and Dolph Ziggler. They attacked Reigns behind the referee’s back which led Corbin to pin him after the End of Days.

Both rivals were then forced to team up at Survivor Series in the classic RAW vs SmackDown match where Roman contributed to Corbin’s elimination. This led to an intense rivalry between them and gave us the cringe worthy segment where Reigns was bathed in dog food by Corbin. A favor he later returned.

Ultimately, they faced each other in a no holds barred Tables Ladders and Chairs match in TLC 2019. In the hard fought and brutal match, the numbers game was too much for the Big Dog. He had to deal with the Dirty Dawgs and King Corbin’s minions and suffered his second pin in a row by the same wrestler. A major career highlight for Corbin and a major setback for Reigns.


Corbin later lost his crown to Shinsuke Nakamura is a Battle for the Crown match thus ending his King Corbin gimmick. He has since been involved in many funny storylines where he is totally broke and asking everyone for money. Even starting a real website www.corbinfund.com to support this gimmick. Now he is Happy Corbin after allegedly winning millions in a Vegas lottery who competes on SmackDown.

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