Karun Nair draws his inspiration from Cristiano Ronaldo

​After becoming the second Indian to rack up a triple century in Test Cricket alongside Virender Sehwag, Karun Nair made all the noises for the right reasons in his initial days.

Things, however, went south despite his desperate attempts to make inroads against the world’s best as the youngster failed to find his footing frequently and also exposed glaring chinks in his armour against swing bowling.

However, this 28-year-old lad is not ready to relinquish his dreams and will do everything possible to regain his call up to the national squad. Drawing parallels to other stalwarts of the game, Karun Nair has likened the fact that he draws inspiration for himself from non-cricket personalities and he is none other than Cristiano Ronaldo.

How does Karun Nair draw a comparison of himself with the Portuguese sharp-shooter?

When asked about the fact that how exactly Nair does compares himself to Ronaldo, he said, “I have followed him since he joined Manchester United. You know it’s astonishing to see how someone can grow from being just a normal player to being the best in the world. The hard work that he has put it to get where he is, and the determination and the focus that he has… if you need to be the best in the world you need to have something different, different mentality.” These were said to sports commentator Arun Venugopal on his Youtube channel Gethist Creative on the talkshow called Homerun.


Does Karun finds similarity with Ronaldo in any of the Indian cricketers he has played alongside?

He said, “There is Virat Kohli who makes you feel that. You want to be following what he is doing and he does so many things right. He is also the best in the world. If he has become the best in the world that means he has done most things right and he is just a wonderful player. He is such an inspiration for cricketers and all youngsters. To see what he has been able to do in the last 10 years is something astonishing, and something that everyone wants to follow and get inspired by.”


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