Ajay Thakur picks his happiest moment in Indian kabaddi

Ajay Thakur has been one of the most successful raiders in the Pro Kabaddi League. Because of his excellent performances, he soon became the captain of the Indian kabaddi team. Although Deepak Niwas Hooda has replaced him as the team’s skipper now, there is no denying that Thakur will be remembered as one of the best raiders in Indian kabaddi history.


Talking about Indian kabaddi, Ajay Thakur had recently appeared on Pro Kabaddi League’s special Instagram series Beyond The Mat – Season II, where he spoke in detail about his happiest moment in Indian kabaddi. The show’s host showed him a photograph from the Kabaddi World Cup 2016 and asked him to describe the image.

Ajay Thakur explains why the 2016 World Cup win was his happiest moment in Indian kabaddi

Ajay Thakur recalled the match between India and Iran, where the Iranian team had dominated the hosts during the first half in Ahmedabad. However, Ajay Thakur and other Indian kabaddi players ensured that they do not lose the World Cup by producing an excellent performance in the 2nd half.


“This was the happiest moment of my life. It was the World Cup and we had all but lost it. I don’t think I have ever been happier. The entire nation was watching us. I still remember, when it was half time, we crossed over and I saw little children looking sad. Seeing them made me feel even worse that we were dashing their hopes. This picture is from that time when we eventually won.”

It was not only the happiest moment of Ajay Thakur’s life, but it was also the happiest moment for Indian kabaddi fans. The next Kabaddi World Cup should happen soon, and the Indian kabaddi team will be keen to retain its championship after almost losing to Iran in last year’s final.



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