“Where’s He Been All These Years?” – Josh Hazlewood Has A Special Word Of Praise For Spencer Johnson

In the world of cricket, the journey from a domestic circuit to international fame can be rapid. Spencer Johnson and his recent ascension, prominently evident in The Hundred Men’s tournament, testifies to this. While the cricketing world stood witness to his exceptional bowling skills, one individual, in particular, expressed immense pride: Josh Hazlewood.

Hazlewood, Australia’s star pacer, couldn’t contain his excitement about Johnson’s outstanding performances. The 31-year-old sees Johnson as a naturally gifted bowler. His effusive praise for the emerging talent didn’t stop there. Commenting on Johnson’s fluidity and rhythm in bowling, Hazlewood remarked, “He just looks so natural with his action and the pace he effortlessly achieves.” What followed was a reflective question that resonated with many: “Where’s he been all these years?” He lamented not witnessing Johnson’s prowess sooner, sharing this sentiment with the young bowler himself. As per Hazlewood, Johnson’s last year in the circuit has been nothing short of impressive.

However, the accolades for Johnson aren’t limited to Hazlewood alone. George Bailey, the former Australian batter turned chief selector, holds Johnson in high regard too. The 40-year-old Bailey sees vast potential in Johnson, envisioning him as a player who can excel across formats. The unique left-arm angle Johnson offers adds a refreshing variety to the Australian attack, a factor Bailey is keenly aware of. He elaborated, “Left-arm bowlers bring a different challenge. They can truly diversify your bowling lineup.” Bailey’s anticipation for the upcoming T20I series against South Africa is palpable, with Johnson being a significant focal point.


“He just looks so natural with his action and pretty easy pace that he gets. Where’s he been all these years? It’s a bit of a shame that we haven’t seen him a bit earlier, but he’s probably feeling that as well. He’s been outstanding the last six to twelve months,” Hazlewood was quoted as saying by

Australia’s New Bowling Sensation: Spencer Johnson’s Rise to International Cricket

The stage is set. Spencer Johnson’s international debut awaits. The first T20I game, slated for August 30 at Kingsmead Cricket Ground, promises fireworks. This series is more than just another fixture for Australia. It offers them the chance to assess and integrate emerging talents like Johnson, preparing for bigger events. After the T20I series, Australia has three ODIs against South Africa. Their cricketing journey continues as they set their sights on India for another ODI series. All these encounters serve as a build-up to the grand event: ICC Cricket World Cup 2023.

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Spencer Johnson’s rise offers a refreshing narrative in cricket. From impressing stalwarts like Hazlewood and Bailey to making it to the international squad, his journey has been meteoric. As he dons the Australian jersey, all eyes will be on him, keenly observing if his domestic prowess translates to international success. For Australia, he might just be the missing puzzle piece, providing the variety and skill they need in their bowling attack. The coming months promise exciting cricket, and Johnson’s contribution will undoubtedly be under the spotlight.

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