IYO Sky Facts: All You Need To Know About WWE Women’s Tag Team Champion

Since her return from her injury, the Genius of the Sky has been in phenomenal touch and has been reigning in the ring with her enforcing presence. Leading the Divas section for a while in the NXT department, IYO Sky has shown the world the kind of athleticism that she brings to the platter, defying gravity with her iconic splashes.


In 2019, she picked up four match of the year nominations in the annual NXT awards, the most that was racked up by any other superstar till then in the roster. Given Sky’s prominence and her domination in the WWE roster, fans have been going gaga with the star and wants to know a lot more about her. Here are five facts that you need to know about IYO Sky.

#1 IYO Sky began her wrestling career with her sister

Sky began her wrestling career with her elder sister, MIYO who helped her to pick up the fighting skills at an early age. IYO and MIYO began their pro-wrestling career in 2007 at the tender ages of 16 and 19 respectively. They would wrestle as a tag team and would frequently dominate their oppositions emphatically.


#2 Sky and Asuka have previously shared the same wrestling stable before joining WWE

Sky and Asuka have been two dominant forces in the WWE circuit and this isn’t their first rodeo of being in the same wrestling brand. In 2010, the duo shared a stable known as the Triple Tails where Asuka worked under the ring name of Kana. They were quite an enforcing duo and showed their strength and agility in almost similar proportions.

#3 IYO Sky is seen as an icon already in Japan

Professional wrestling has always been a legendary sport in Japan and talents like IYO have always been taken very seriously by the industry. In a culture that hardly recognizes women wrestlers despite the best of showdown, the fact that IYO Sky was handed over the Tokyo Sports Puroresu Awards, is simply a blazing reminder of how good she is.

#4 WWE initially turned down IYO

IYO was supposed to make her WWE debut alongside fellow Japanese superstar, Kairi Sane in the Mae Young Classic in 2017. However, a shoddy outcome in her medicals changed everything for the Japanese diva. As reported by WhatCulture, WWE expressed concerns about her neck injuries and Sky initially had to go back to Japan for a year. However, she did not give up and after a year in Japan she re-applied for the position and was given this time.


#5 IYO Sky is pretty insecure about her appearance

Despite being one of the fiercest warriors in the current WWE arcade, IYO Sky has always been sensitive about her appearance. She openly confessed that most of her confidence comes from her make-up cabinet and this statement itself proves the kind of expectations that women have on them to look good despite being tremendous athletes.

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