“Is WWE Fake?” – Top 5 FAQs about WWE answered

The Undertaker killed his parents”, “Mankind is a deranged monster”, “The Dudley Boys are actually brothers”. These are just a few of the lies that we believed as kids. Vince McMahon pulled the curtain back from the business when he revealed that WWE was in fact, not real wrestling, and created the term ‘sports entertainment’.

After the revelation, there were some who were turned off by the ‘fake fighting’ and have used that as a criticism for professional wrestling. So, what is it? Is WWE fake? But the moves they do look like they hurt. So, what’s the truth. Today we answer the top 5 FAQs about the World Wrestling Entertainment.

1. Is WWE Real or Fake?

WWE can be described as theatre mixed with sports. While the moves done by wrestlers are choreographed, they require real skill to be pulled off safely. Many wrestlers have suffered life altering injuries, due to how risky and physically demanding this business is.


2. Is WWE Scripted?

Yes. The results are predetermined. The championship wins, match card, match results, etc. are all decided by the company beforehand. The only leeway some superstars get is about the content they can say on the mic, or the moves they can do in the ring.

Under Vince McMahon, everything from the promos to the matches was planned days or hours in advance. However, with Triple H gaining control, these rules have been relaxed a bit. Superstars are getting more leeway on the mic and in the ring.

3. Does WWE Have Fake Blood?

WWE banned the usage of intentional bloodletting when they became a publicly traded company. This was done to attract sponsors and improve the image of professional wrestling in the public opinion.


That being said, blood has been used in the company, albeit very scarcely. Lesnar busted Randy Orton open the hard way at SummerSlam in 2016. Meanwhile, Roman Reigns was once spotted using a fake blood capsule to sell a beatdown by Triple H.

4. Is WWE Fixed?

It is predetermined, yes. All the match results are decided from the start. When we see discussion about a wrestler being ‘pushed’, it’s the writers scripting a narrative to make the said wrestler a star.

Roman Reigns has barely lost in the past two years, all thanks to Vince and co. booking him to win all the matches. It’s (or professional wrestling entirely as a matter of fact) is like any TV show or movie. There’s a predetermined story, told by actors using various modes like promos, video packages, wrestling movies, etc.


5. Is WWE working with AEW?

In short, no. WWE is the biggest pro wrestling company in the world. They have millions of viewers on various platforms. AEW, on the other hand, is a new company with a much smaller audience. WWE is not going to benefit at all by working with AEW, who struggles to hit even a million viewers for their prime show.

In addition to this, Tony Khan, the owner of AEW, and various wrestlers in the company have taken constant shots at WWE to create buzz for themselves. Working with a minor league company like AEW is never going to help WWE, who rake in billions in profits every year.


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