​Is Johnny Gargano Back In WWE?

After the return of Triple H as the WWE Creative head, there have been a rise in the stocks in the industry. Honestly, Triple H has already made defining moves that has included the return of Dakota Kai and Karrion Kross, former NXT stars to the roster. Given two dynamic returns, the fans believe that it is not far away that Johnny Gargano returns to WWE too.

According to the reports of Fightful Select, there are plans of bringing back the former NXT Champion back to the company. Shawn Michaels was handed over the responsibility to establish contact with Gargano after the shift in power at the helm of the company.

Here is what was said about the possible return of Johnny Gargano

Fightful Select also mentioned that the details or the nature of the conversation was not made available to the public but there are concrete words of the Heart Break Kid getting in touch with the erstwhile NXT ace.


Gargano left WWE on December 10th last year. He was a towering display in the NXT last year under the reign of the Hunter. It just isn’t Fightful Select that has actually made this claim of Gargano returning. The man in question himself has also tantalized an in-ring return.

Gargano and his spouse, Candice LeRae took a break from wrestling after they were blessed with a baby boy called Quill. Triple H has plans of bringing back a couple of names that were let go by Vince. As far as the words go, Gargano and Candice are on that list.

Gargano and Candice recently teased a return to the Asylum Virtual Signing Event where he was asked whether he was aware of how Triple H was getting the job done. Gargano summed up his presence, quoting, “I’ve seen. I’ve noticed. It’s exciting times all around. You never know what could happen. Keep watching, we’re [Candice & I] going to show up at some point, wherever that may be… I promise. We will. We’ll be making some magic at some point in the future, I promise.”



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