Is Bayley Dating Seth Rollins?

Bayley and Becky Lynch had a fiery exchange of words on RAW this week where the two accused each other of many things. One particular allegation that caught attention was the one involving Seth Rollins. Bayley told Becky that Seth married her only because he knocked her up.
Her exact words were: “You’re not even good enough for your husband, Seth Freakin Rollins…The only reason he married you is because he knocked you up”

Later on twitter, Becky shared an old picture of Seth and Bayley where the latter is seen hugging Rollins. She wrote “I guess it’s not just my spot she’s after. #WWERAW” insinuating that Bayley was after the affections of her husband.

Bayley has reacted with a GIF of herself taking notice to this. To add fuel to the fire, The Role Model shared a picture of herself and Rollins sitting and laughing on her DING DONG HELLO show.




But does Becky really need to worry about Bayley and Seth Rollins?

In real life, Seth and Bayley are really tight with each other. They are the best of friends. He says that he has immense respect for the leader of Damage CTRL. During an interview, he even praised her and Sasha Banks for carrying WWE on their backs during the pandemic era.

His take on this whole potential love triangle has been somewhat mellow. He only shared a GIF of Homer Simpson disappearing into the bushes to all this. He further cemented the fact that he was in fact a woman man and that woman is Becky. Seth tweeted a GIF saying “Always” and a picture of his official t-shirt that says “THE MAN’S MAN” and his logo.



The Man is a well-known nickname of his wife. This has laid all speculations to rest of The Visionary and The Role Model getting it on. Bayley remains single after her engagement broke up in 2021.

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