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IPL 2022: Delhi Capitals Vs Punjab Kings game moved from Pune to Mumbai because of COVID cases in Delhi camp

One player and a couple of members of Delhi Capitals support staff have tested COVID positive

Because of a few COVID cases in the Delhi Capitals camp, the IPL governing council was mulling the possibility of shifting the venue of the game between Delhi Capitals and Punjab Kings.

The Capitals actually had to travel to Pune to play against Punjab Kings on Wednesday, but they were not able to do that because all the players were asked to be quarantined in their rooms after Mitchell Marsh’s rapid antigen test came out positive.

Marsh was then tested with RT-PCR and initially, the first RT-PCR test of Mitchell Marsh declared him COVID negative and with him, all the other Delhi Capitals players were declared COVID negative as well.


However, since the CT scan report of Marsh showed him positive, the Capitals management went for a second RT-PCR test of not only Marsh, but all the other players and support staff.

All Delhi Capitals players apart from Mitchell Marsh are COVID negative right now

The second RT-PCR test of Marsh came out positive and with him, some of the other members of the Capitals support staff were tested positive as well.

What was a matter of slight relief for the Capitals though was that all the other players, apart from Marsh, were tested negative even in the second RT-PCR test. However, with an abundance of caution, the players were still not allowed to come out of their rooms and they will have to go through a third RT-PCR test today.


But, in the meantime, the Capitals squad is not being able to travel to Pune and practise there and now the governing council is thinking and contemplating if it will be fair to just allow the Capitals to play their next game in Mumbai itself, because after going through all, that they have gone through in the last 48 hours, it will be hectic for them to travel to Pune in the evening and play a game tomorrow straightaway.

A final decision has been taken and the match is shifted to Mumbai Officially.



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