Five Overseas Players who earned the most money in IPL

The best thing about the IPL is that it gets the best players not only from India but all around the world. In the IPL we get to see the best overseas players playing with the best Indian players. Overseas players come to the IPL for two reasons, one of them is obviously because this the best T20 league in the world and there is not a bigger stage to showcase your skills but the second reason is that this league gives you a lot of money.

If you are the best in the business then you will get paid what you deserve. Some of the overseas players have got a lot of money from the IPL in the last 13 years. Let’s have a look at the five overseas players who earned the most money in the IPL.

5. David Warner – 58.5 CR

David Warner has been a part of the IPL since 2009. He was part of the Delhi Capitals for the first few seasons where he earned very little money which wasn’t even in Crores. In 2014 he went to SRH where he got 5.5 CR every season.


His current salary cap is 12.5 CR which will continue for the next season if there is no Mega Auction but if there is a Mega Auction then it might change depending on how many players do SRH retains. But Warner has earned a total of 58.5 CR from the IPL so far.

4. Kieron Pollard – 69.1 CR

When Kieron Pollard’s auction took place for the first time there was a tie-breaker and MI won that bid with for a whopping amount of USD 750,00 way back in 2010. Since then he has been a part of the Mumbai Indians team.

From 2015 to 2017 he got 9.5 CR per year. In the 2018 IPL Auction, Mumbai Indians used the RTM card for him at 5.4 CR. So, at the moment Pollard gets 5.4 CR for each IPL season.


3. Shane Watson – 77.13 CR

Shane Watson who recently announced his retirement from T20 cricket has been an IPL legend. He has won the MVP twice and has won the IPL trophy twice with two different franchises. In IPL 2014 and 2015 he earned 12.5 CR from the Rajasthan Royals franchise.

In IPL 2016 and 2017 he earned 9 CR from the Royal Challengers Bangalore and in the last three seasons he has earned 4 CR from Chennai Super Kings. Shane Watson is the highest-paid all-rounder in the history of the IPL.

2. Sunil Narine – 82.74 CR

Sunil Narine first came in the IPL in 2012 when there was a heavy bidding war for him in the Auction. KKR bought him for 3.5 CR in the IPL 2012 Auction. He was retained in IPL 2014 for 9.5 CR and then before the IPL 2018 Auction, he was retained for 12.5 CR.


He has earned a total of 82.74 CR up till now. Looking at his performances he might not be retained before the next Mega Auction. He might break the bank if KKR decides not to retain him.

1. AB De Villiers – 91.5 CR

AB De Villiers is the highest earned overseas player in the history of the IPL as he has earned 91.5 CR in the last 13 years. He was part of the Delhi Capitals for the first three seasons and then RCB bought him for 5 CR. Before the 2018 Mega Auction ABD was retained for 11 CR and there is no doubt that he will be retained before the next Mega Auction as well.


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