India’s schedule for 2025-27 World Test Championship cycle

The future of cricket is actually uncertain at the moment. While the T20s are obvious to stay long, there is a concern regarding the fate of the other two formats. ICC, though, has made the plan clear for Test cricket. The World Test Championship would continue and the plan for the 2025-27 edition has also been chalked out.  Irrespective of the format, Team India will be key to ICC’s plans. On that note, we take a look at India’s schedule for the 2025-27 World Test Championship cycle.

India’s schedule for 2025-27 World Test Championship

It is too distant to discuss India’s prospects in the 2025-27 cycle of the WTC. The ongoing edition must be completed and from India’s perspective, the next cycle will be crucial to its position in this format. Therefore, regarding the 2025-27 cycle of WTC, much of it will depend on the preceding editions. However, looking at how India has done traditionally, the schedule seems balanced. While they will travel to New Zealand and England for challenging overseas tours, the team will play host to strong touring teams like Australia and South Africa.

So, here’s how India will have to navigate in the 2025-27 cycle of the WTC:

  • Home: Australia, West Indies, and South Africa
  • Away: New Zealand, England, and Sri Lanka


A new generation of Indian cricketers likely to dominate this cycle

Massive changes are likely to happen in the 2023-25 edition. The efforts in the upcoming cycle will have to bear fruits in the 2025-27 edition. India will surely have a new crop of players making their debut in the immediate years. The likes of Sarfaraz Khan and Prasidh Krishna will get a chance in whites, soon.

The expectation is that by the 2025-27 edition, these players need to be absolutely ready for the big stage. Hence, it is pretty challenging for the Indian Team. It should be seen how they would go about their business.


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