“Indian team won’t go to Pakistan, Asia Cup 2023 will be shifted to neutral venue,” clarifies BCCI secretary and ACC president Jay Shah

Earlier there were speculations that India might travel to Pakistan for Asia Cup 2023

Jay Shah, who has been elected as BCCI secretary for the second consecutive term in the BCCI AGM held earlier today in Mumbai, has made it quite clear that the Asia Cup 2023, which has to be held in Pakistan, will be shifted somewhere else because the Indian cricket team won’t travel to Pakistan.

Apart from being the secretary of BCCI, Jay Shah is also the chairman of the Asian Cricket Council (ACC) and after the BCCI AGM earlier today, Shah told the Indian press that there has been a precedent of shifting the Asia Cup tournament to neutral venues and the same precedent will be applied in case of Asia Cup 2023 as well.

The previous Asia Cup took place earlier this year in UAE and it was played in the T20 format, but the Asia Cup that will take place next year will be in the 50-over format. The Asia Cup 2022 actually had to take place in Sri Lanka, but it was shifted to UAE at the last moment because of the political tensions in Sri Lanka at that time.


The Asia Cup 2018 was also shifted from India to UAE, but it was not because of political tensions. The reasons were different at that time. Since there are plenty of examples of the shifting of Asia Cup venues and there is India’s unwillingness to travel to Pakistan because of huge political issues between the two countries, the tournament will once again be shifted to a neutral venue.

Jay Shah ended the speculations on India’s visit to Pakistan in 2023

It was earlier reported that BCCI might travel to Pakistan because it was mentioned to the state associations ahead of the AGM that India will take part in 4 multi-nation tournaments in the next calendar year, in both men’s and women’s cricket, and “Asia Cup, Pakistan” was one of the tournaments which were mentioned.

But, Pakistan was mentioned as the venue because Pakistan are the official hosts and not for any other reason. Now it has been made clear by Jay Shah that India won’t travel to their neighborhood country and the tournament will take place somewhere else in Asia, as it has happened many times before.



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