‘India Should Not Participate In The T10 Format’-Aakash Chopra Criticises The New 6ixty Tournament

Aakash Chopra believes that the Twenty20 format is sufficient to draw spectators and that cricket does not need the T10 game to broaden its appeal to a broader audience.

CWI, or Cricket West Indies, just announced that they would be introducing a brand-new T10 tournament called the 6ixty. This league will be contested before the 2022 season of the Caribbean Premier League (CPL). The administrators think that the new format has the potential to be a game-changer in terms of assisting with the distribution of the game across the Caribbean.

Aakash Chopra talks about the T-10 format

Chopra expressed his belief that the Twenty20 format is unnecessary for top-level cricket in a video that was uploaded to his account on YouTube. He argued as follows:


“T20 is already a short format in and of itself. What could possibly be gained by cutting it any further? Please keep it out of the international cricket competition. There are a lot of individuals who have the opinion that this is the way in which you are going to attract new viewers. If someone hasn’t come to see T20, they won’t come to watch T10 either.”

Even though the former opener recognizes that T10 may be beneficial in getting cricket into the Olympics, he does not want India to participate in the format. Chopra elucidated as follows:

“Because of the need to restrict the matches to a minimum amount of time, many people believe that this may be the Olympic vehicle. I am aware that a large number of nations stand to benefit from its inclusion in the Olympics, but I am not convinced that T10 is the best path ahead. If you ask me if India should participate in T10, I will tell you that you should not.”


The Indian Premier League (IPL) already has a strong following among spectators throughout the country. Although new forms like the T10 and the 60 may not be necessary to grow the game in the subcontinent, other countries may need similar innovations to draw new audiences.

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