“If we think it might play differently…”, Head Coach Rahul Dravid suggests there might be some changes in India’s Playing XI for the semi-final

India will be taking on England in the second semi-final of T20 World Cup 2022 on 10th November at the Adelaide Oval. The blues have had significant success so far in the tournament with almost the same squad. However, head coach Rahul Dravid has hinted that there might be a few major changes in the Playing XI for the semi-final if the pitch turns out to be different from what they are expecting. 


Rahul Dravid said that they have an open mind about everyone in their 15-men squad. Anyone among those 15 men, anyone who comes into the team will not make them weaker according to him as they have picked their squad after many considerations. However, they will have to go and see whether to make any changes. 

Talking about the pitch, Dravid said that he has seen some of the matches at Adelaide and knows that the tracks are slow. They gripped and turned a bit.


However, he has also considered the fact that they might play on a completely different pitch in Adelaide. For example, the strip they played with against Bangladesh did not turn at all. It was again a different pitch and that match too was played at Adelaide so one can never tell. 

Dravid added that it is impossible for him to comment on the pitch just after observing a few matches. They have a couple of days to think about everything and they will plan their strategy after seeing the wicket one last time. It is definite that the pitch will be slow. 

“If we think it might play differently, then we’ll have to put up a squad to match that,” he added.


One of the main changes we might see is the addition of Yuzvendra Chahal in place of Ravichandran Ashwin as he will be immensely helpful for India under these conditions. 



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