ICC 2022 T20 World Cup Semi-Finals Scenarios for Australia, England and New Zealand

The Group 1 of the Super 12 stage is getting heated in the race for a spot in the final 4. The battle, as expected, will be between England, New Zealand and Australia. Sri Lanka also has an outside chance. On that note, here, we take a look at the ICC 2022 T20 World Cup semi-finals scenarios for Australia, England and New Zealand.

ICC 2022 T20 World Cup Semi-Finals Scenarios for Group 1

Australia had a tough loss in the first game of the tournament. For them to qualify, they have to win their next game against Afghanistan by a heavy margin. Even if they do not maintain sufficient NRR, if New Zealand or England loses its last game, the Aussies can still enter the next stage.


England did well to win the encounter against New Zealand. They now have a great chance to enter the semi-finals. If they win against Sri Lanka, they would have put a step into the next stage. If New Zealand and Australia also win their next matches, England will hope that their NRR is above at least one of the two teams.

For New Zealand, the scenario will be similar to England. They will want to win their next match against Ireland. If the other contenders also win their games, hope will be that they have a better NRR than them.

Will be difficult for the hosts


The Aussies suffered a heavy loss in the first game of the Super 12 stage against New Zealand. With that loss, their NRR went extremely negative. In all probability, that could end their campaign of the event.

While New Zealand will back itself against Ireland, England can also do the job against Sri Lanka. Australia might also win the game against Afghanistan. However, it is for the Aussies that the NRR is important. Both the Kiwis and the Englishmen have got a decent number and they should be comfortable if they win their next matches. If Australia does end up going out of the tournament, they will probably find it hard to even pinpoint the reason. The first game was disappointing but later, even rain did not help them.


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