“I Was Obsessed With You”- When Saraya (Fka Paige) Honestly Spoke About Her Feelings About Top Male WWE Superstar

Saraya who is popularly known as Paige in the WWE circuit, has travelled a long way from her home. Well as they say that when you are into wrestling, you must have grown up watching stars wrestle and that is one of the best parts of your life. Also, when you grow watching wrestling you have your own celebrity crushes. As they “sweet dreams are made of this”, who was Paige to disagree?

When she talked about inspirations, the obvious names that ruled the roost were that of former Women’s champion, Bull Nakano and WWE Hall of Famer, one of the finest wrestlers to have joined the women’s division, Lita, her childhood crush was none other than the Texas rattle snake, Stone Cold Steve Austin.

This is what Paige had to say about Stone Cold Steve Austin

While talking on SCSA’s podcast in 2015, the former WWE champion talked about how she caught feelings for one of the biggest legends in the antiquity of WWE, the 3:16 dominator. Paige said, “I was like in love (…) I’m gonna embarrass myself. I was in love with you. Like I loved. I was like this guy is awesome like, am I embarrassing myself?”


It wasn’t just SCSA who ruled her imaginations but there was another big name in the mix too. It was none other than Rikishi. She also said that she absolutely loved Austin’s character and the fact that he never changed his gimmicks, he never moved away from the beliefs that he portrayed on the screens. It didn’t matter to her whether he was being heel or babyface. What mattered is that he did put up a show.

Austin and Paige never really crossed paths in WWE but guess what? Paige was open to having an intergender match with Stone Cold Steve Austin and when we talk about wrestling, this is quite a statement coming from her.


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