“I thought it was the end,” Ben Stokes reveals he choked as a tablet got stuck in his windpipe

Ben Stokes is currently in Australia preparing for the upcoming Ashes

England allrounder Ben Stokes has made a stunning revelation that he could almost feel as if his life would end a couple of days ago in Australia, and it didn’t have anything to do with the mental health issues he has recently suffered. It was because of a tablet that he consumed which, rather than going in, got stuck in his windpipe.

Recalling the horrific incident in one of his columns in the mirror, Ben Stokes wrote that he was struggling to breathe, and the worst part was that there was nobody else in his room apart from him. However, he was very fortunate that his body itself reacted to the situation and he, somehow, managed to get out of it, despite having give up at one point of time.

Ben Stokes further wrote that the team doctor reached his room after she got to know about the incident and she checked everything later, but at the point of time when he was choking because of the tablet getting stuck in his throat, there was absolutely nobody there to help because nobody even knew what he was going through.


Ben Stokes also revealed he almost sustained a fracture in training on the same day

Later in the day, Ben Stokes went to train and he then suffered an injury as well which seemed like a fracture initially, but it later turned out to be a bruise. According to Stokes, it’s one of the most interesting days he has had in recent times where he felt twice as if his Ashes was over.

Stokes, however, made it clear in his column that his finger injury because of which he had to undergo two surgeries and his mental health problems, both are fine at this stage and he is looking forward to the start of the Ashes next month. It will be a definite sigh of relief for the England fans.




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