“I may not walk again, but I am thankful to be alive,” Chris Cairns in good spirits as he recovers from illness

Chris Cairns had suffered a major heart attack three months ago

The former New Zealand allrounder Chris Cairns who suffered a massive heart attack a few months ago and then suffered a stroke while going through heart surgery has revealed that it’s very much possible that he might not be able to stand on his feet again.

But, Cairns has stressed even if he is not able to stand on his feet again, he is extremely thankful for the medical assistance that he got at the right time, and he is extremely thankful for the fact that he is at least alive, even if he is on a wheelchair.

“I may be wheelchair-bound for the rest of my life. But, at least I have the chance to be here and live life,” Cairns said while speaking to


Chris Cairns is one of the greatest allrounders ever produced by New Zealand

Cairns retired from the game as one of the greatest allrounders ever produced by New Zealand as not only did he score more than 3000 runs in the 62 test matches he played, he also took more than 200 wickets. The 51-year-old was the kind of cricketer who could have walked into the New Zealand team as a genuine batsman or as a genuine bowler alone.

And it was not just in test cricket that Cairns was among the top class cricketers of his era, he was equally good in limited over cricket too and at a time when power-hitting was not a vital component of white-ball cricket, he was a batsman who used to hit the ball out of the ground at will. With the kind of skill-set Chris Cairns had, he would probably have been one of the most expensive players in the world if IPL was around at his peak.

It’s because of his charismatic cricketing skills that Cairns didn’t just have fans in his own country New Zealand, he had his fanbase all around the world and people just couldn’t believe when the news came out that he had suffered a massive heart attack.


Chris Cairns doesn’t have much memory of the time when he went through his surgeries

Recalling the day himself, Cairns said he didn’t really have a lot of memory of the day. All he can recall is he was vomiting a lot and he had to be brought to the emergency care where his blood pressure was found too low and the doctors had to take the corrective actions straightaway.

Cairns said he didn’t have any recollection of what happened after that, and it was his wife who later told him that four operations had to be performed by the doctors which eventually saved his life.



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