“I don’t think they need this money” – Vince Russo Explains Why WWE Must Not Rehire CM Punk

Recently, veteran wrestling personality Vince Russo shared an exclusive insight into the WWE’s potential interest in rehiring CM Punk. In his candid remarks, Russo indicated that CM Punk might not be the major draw that some fans believe him to be, and thus, the WWE might not be enthusiastic about bringing him back into the fold.

CM Punk’s unexpected exit from AEW last month, following a backstage altercation with Jungle Boy at All In 2023, ignited a flurry of speculation about the former AEW Champion’s possible return to WWE. While there are reports suggesting that WWE isn’t actively seeking his return, fans continue to speculate about a potential appearance at Survivor Series 2023, set to take place in Punk’s hometown of Chicago.

Vince Russo, known for his tenure in WCW, expressed his viewpoint with Russo, stating that CM Punk’s impact as a major draw for WWE was questionable. He went on to suggest that Punk’s appeal was primarily limited to the hardcore fanbase and that he never achieved the level of popularity with casual viewers.


Russo acknowledged that while Punk could undoubtedly generate substantial merchandise sales for WWE, the potential benefits might not outweigh the challenges associated with his return.

“I have got to say this, and I have said this all along. When you go back and look at the ratings, CM Punk came after the Attitude Era. Bro ratings were going down when Punk was there. I have said this all along, CM Punk was not over to the casual audience.

“He was over to the same people Daniel Bryan was over to. He was not over to the casual fans ever. I don’t think they need this money. He’ll make them merch money out of the yin-yang. No question about it, he’ll sell a lot of merch. I don’t think it’s worth for them to rock the boat,” shared Vince Russo.


Vince Russo shares 1 way of how WWE can make money with CM Punk

Furthermore, Russo highlighted the critical role of effective booking in determining CM Punk’s potential success in WWE. He observed that WWE’s track record of delivering compelling storylines and character development had been inconsistent, making it unlikely that Punk would be booked optimally.

“The only way they’ll make money with CM Punk is if they book him correctly. And you and I know what are the chances of that actually happening,” added Vince Russo.


As the wrestling world awaits CM Punk’s next move, it remains to be seen whether WWE will consider his return a worthwhile endeavor given the dynamics of the current landscape and the unique challenges that such a comeback might present.

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