“I Can’t Wait To Do It All Over Again”- Nia Jax Wants To Break Becky Lynch’s Nose 1 More Time

The rivalry of Nia Jax with Becky Lynch is well known and in their previous fights together, things did go horribly wrong for the latter as the Smasher had the upper hand and not only did she have the upper hand but she left Becky injured. This was also a blotch on her nicely-formed career because eventually it is also on you as a pro wrestler particularly when you are in the ring to ensure that your opponent is not in disarray.


The last time these two were in action was when they were pitted against each other in the build-up to the much-anticipated match-up between Ronda Rousey and Becky Lynch at the 2018 Survivor Series. In fact, the tensions between Raw and Smackdown at that point in time, were at an all time high and the superstars would cross any line to do whatever is necessary.

Here is what Nia Jax warned Becky Lynch about

Becky Lynch led the charge as Smackdown came looking for Raw before Survivor Series. Lynch was up against several superstars from Raw that was also inclusive of the Quasher, Nia Jax.


Unfortunately, during this battle, one of Nia’s punches broke Becky Lynch’s nose and eventually ended up in concussing her that left her out of action for a while. This would also lead to Lynch being pulled out of the match just ahead of the PPV which angered the fans.

Nia Jax took to Twitter and commented on a post that celebrated the 5-year anniversary of Becky Lynch’s invasion of Raw and very bluntly said that if needed, she would break the face of the Man again and this time too without any regret.

Jax said, “Oh Believe me, the pleasure was all mine and I can’t wait to do it all over again!” Oh the audacity, the brutality and the belief in that statement where she is certain that she will be doing it again and again, just to assert her raw power.


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