“I Can’t”- Legend Explains Why Roman Reigns Is Not The Greatest All Of Time

Roman Reigns has undoubtedly been a dominant force in the wrestling world, particularly during his extensive reign in WWE. However, the debate over who deserves the title of the “greatest of all time” is a complex one, according to legendary wrestling journalist Bill Apter.


During an interview in India, John Cena was asked about his perspective on Roman Reigns’ current success. Cena expressed his belief that Reigns deserves the title of the greatest of all time based on his remarkable achievements.

This discussion was a focal point during a recent episode of Wrestling Time Machine. Bill Apter, a wrestling journalist with decades of experience, offered his perspective. While acknowledging Reigns’ significant accomplishments, Apter argued that identifying a single individual as the greatest in pro wrestling is a daunting task.


Apter stated that he could list ten wrestlers who could be considered the “greatest,” spanning generations from the days of Bruno Sammartino, Dory Funk, Jack Brisco, and Harley Race to more contemporary icons like Hulk Hogan and Ric Flair. In his view, the greatness of professional wrestlers cannot be confined to just one individual, even if that individual is Roman Reigns.

“In terms of pro wrestling, the greatest of all time, I’ve got a list of 10 of them, so all at the same level. It goes back to the days of Bruno, Dory Funk, Jack Brisco, Harley Race, and keep going up and up, Hulk Hogan, Ric Flair. I can’t come up with a greatest of all time. You can’t pin that down to one person when you’ve been in the business like I’ve been for 51 years,” Apter expressed.

Where is Roman Reigns right now?

Roman Reigns continues to solidify his legacy with a record-breaking WWE title reign that has exceeded 1100 days, steadily advancing towards the 1200-day milestone. While he has achieved remarkable success, the debate over the greatest of all time persists, reflecting the rich history and diversity of talent within the world of professional wrestling.



As the wrestling community grapples with this question, the legacy of Roman Reigns continues to evolve, with fans and experts alike weighing in on his place in the pantheon of wrestling legends. Do you believe Roman Reigns deserves the title of the greatest of all time?

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