“I can’t bowl worse than Bravo,” MS Dhoni jokes about his long time CSK teammate and legendary West Indies allrounder

MS Dhoni and Dwayne Bravo have been close friends for many years

MS Dhoni and Dwayne Bravo, two of the CSK legends, share a great friendship between them and there have been quite a few occasions where both of them have confessed it as well. Whenever these two gather together in a public event, they don’t shy away from pulling each other’s legs.

Recently MS Dhoni and Bravo were in a virtual event organised by one of CSK’s sponsors Gulf Oil and the CSK players in the event were having an interaction with the host as well as with the fans too, who had joined the event online.

When Dhoni was asked a question about Bravo’s bowling and what suggestions he generally gives to Bravo when he comes on to bowl, Dhoni said that he never tells Bravo what to bowl, he actually tells Bravo what not to bowl.


The former CSK skipper then cheekily went on to say that he sometimes also thinks about giving his keeping gloves to Bravo and bowling himself, because he can’t bowl any worse than Bravo. It was a joke and the relationship between Dhoni and Bravo is so good that even though the joke was cracked in a public interaction, Bravo just laughed it off.

MS Dhoni always backed Dwayne Bravo during his stint as CSK skipper

Dwayne Bravo is one cricketer whom MS Dhoni backed a lot as CSK skipper for more than a decade, even at a time when Bravo’s own international board was not selecting him for various reasons.

Since the time Bravo joined CSK for the first time, he always enjoyed great support from Dhoni and the West Indies allrounder has acknowledged that at every possible opportunity as well. In one of the interviews in the past, Bravo had said that Dhoni trusted him more than even West Indies selectors and he couldn’t be more grateful to him for that.


Bravo, even at 38 years of age at present, is still in the race of IPL purple cap this season and is CSK’s highest wicket taker in the season at the moment.


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