“I can only imagine how far Bray Wyatt’s hypocrisy would have gone”- WWE Hall of Famer Gives Honest Opinion on Wyatt Sicks’ Debut

The mysterious QR code and screen glitch shenanigans finally culminated on the June 17 edition of Monday Night RAW with the emergence of The Wyatt Sicks faction, led by Uncle Howdy, portrayed by WWE superstar and brother of late Bray Wyatt, Bo Dallas.

While many people in the industry had their own take on the stunning debut of The Wyatt Sicks, who aim to continue the legacy of Bray Wyatt, a WWE Hall of Famer also joined the fray and gave his opinion on the same.

Which WWE Hall of Famer gave his take on the Wyatt Sicks debut?

During the latest edition of his Hall of Fame podcast, WWE Legend Booker T expressed his opinion regarding Uncle Howdy and The Wyatt Sicks debut on RAW. He first acknowledged the man behind their inspiration, Bray Wyatt, crediting him for gaining massive success in a short span of time.


Moreover, he credited him as a legendary figure of the business and believed that he set the bar really high for The Wyatt Sicks to match, so Booker T was looking forward to seeing how they would take Bray’s legacy forward.

“Bray Wyatt made such an impact man, such a huge impact in his short amount of time that he got a chance to spend on this Earth. As far as this business goes man, he’s a legendary figure in this business at such a young age. Just go to show you the mindset, his IQ for this business, and I can only imagine how far Bray Wyatt’s hypocrisy would have gone.”

“That’s the thing, how far could he have taken it. How much would it have expanded, because all of that stuff was coming out of the mind of one guy and that was Bray Wyatt, so we’re gonna see how the legacy continues.”


Uncle Howdy and his stable decimated the entire scene on Monday Night RAW. The backstage area was completely battered with multiple superstars falling victim to their attack. With Wyatt Sicks making a huge statement on their first night in WWE as a unit, it will be interesting to see who they go after next in their quest to conquer WWE and bring back the dark days.


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