How did Roman Reigns did get injured: All you need to know about Tribal Chief’s injury

Roman Reigns and his faction, The Bloodline have ruled the island of SmackDown for quite a while. Their warpath of destruction was on full display this past weekend at WWE Survivor Series: War Games. However, it seems like the Tribal Chief might have suffered a serious injury at the hands of the opposition in the deadly structure.

The Head of the Table is amidst a record breaking reign as World Champion for 800+days. He has vanquished some of the top names during his title reign. Those include future WWE Hall of Famers such as Brock Lesnar, Rey Mysterio and John Cena and current stars such as Finn Balor and Drew McIntyre. Roman was even successful at his last title match, defeating the YouTube sensation Logan Paul at WWE Crown Jewel.

The Bloodline were involved in the War Games match at WWE Survivor Series. They faced the assembled squad of The Brawling Brutes (Sheamus, Butch and Ridge Holland), Drew McIntyre and Kevin Owens. Roman and family emerged from the match capturing the victory. However, it seems like the Tribal Chief suffered an injury during the bout.


What type of injury did Roman Reigns suffer and How?


During the War Games bout, a spot featured Kevin Owens slapping Roman Reigns. Many reports suggest that the slap was too stiff, resulting in Roman suffering an injury to his eardrum.

A ruptured eardrum is referred to as a hole or tear in the thin tissue that separates the ear canal from the eardrum, according to the Mayo Clinic. The injury heals in a few weeks without any treatment but may require a patch or surgery. There were reports of a possible backstage confrontation between Reigns and Owens, as reported by Dave Meltzer.


There is no official confirmation regarding Roman’s eardrum injury. However, Meltzer also added that situation was settled soon after the supposed confrontation.



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