“Hope he brings his ODI form back with him”, Twitter reacts to the reports that KL Rahul is aiming to make a comeback in the Asia Cup

In a recent turn of events, KL Rahul, the senior India batter and dynamic cricketer, has set his sights on making a comeback. He is specifically aiming for the forthcoming Asia Cup, which is to be held in Sri Lanka in September. This is crucial timing, considering it precedes the much-anticipated ODI World Cup.

Rahul had suffered a setback when he injured his thigh during the Indian Premier League (IPL). Consequently, he had to withdraw from the tournament and miss out on the World Test Championship final. Following the advice of his doctors, he underwent thigh surgery to correct the injury.

The operation was performed successfully in the United Kingdom. Since then, Rahul has returned to India and kick-started his rehabilitation program at the National Cricket Academy (NCA). He expressed his sentiment of being back home on Tuesday, posting pictures of the NCA on his social media account.


Rahul’s role in the Indian cricket team extends beyond his batting skills. He is an essential part of the ODI set-up, especially in the absence of Rishabh Pant. Pant, who usually dons the big gloves in the 50-over format, is also in recovery mode following a horrific car crash in December of the previous year.

Interestingly, Rahul’s middle-order batting in ODI cricket complements his wicket-keeping skills. This makes him an indispensable asset to the Indian cricket team. Consequently, his timely recovery is of the utmost importance as India prepares for the upcoming Asia Cup and the ODI World Cup.

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KL Rahul is aiming to make a comeback in the Asia Cup. He has started his rehabilitation at the NCA

During his time at the NCA, Rahul will undergo extensive rehabilitation. The programme is meticulously designed to aid his recovery post-surgery and to ensure he regains his fitness. These efforts aim to equip him physically and mentally for his return to the cricket field.

Previously, Rahul captained the Lucknow Super Giants and was instrumental in leading the team. His leadership qualities, coupled with his on-field performances, make him a key player in any squad. His absence from the field due to injury was a significant loss not only to his IPL team but also to the Indian cricket team.

Now, the primary focus is on his recovery and his subsequent return to competitive cricket. His journey of rehabilitation at the NCA will involve strenuous workout sessions, physiotherapy and skill training. Each step of the process is crucial in preparing Rahul for his anticipated comeback.


In conclusion, KL Rahul’s ambition to return to the cricket field during the Asia Cup signals a hopeful turn of events. His rigorous rehabilitation program at the NCA is a testament to his commitment towards his recovery. As cricket fans across the globe eagerly await his return, the hope is that he will overcome this setback and reclaim his place in the Indian cricket team, demonstrating his prowess on the field once again.


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