Here is why Mohammad Amir could play for England in the future

Pakistan fast bowler Mohammad Amir has announced his retirement from international cricket. He announced this after revealing that he was being mentally tortured by some external factors and couldn’t quite fulfill the expectations out of him.

However, there is a chance that he could end up playing for England in future. Mohammad Amir’s wife is a British national, which makes him eligible for a spouse visa. For this, he needs to be a resident in England for at least 30 months.

In the past, Mohammad Amir was criticized by the Pakistan fans for trying to attain a British passport, just some time after he had announced his retirement from Test cricket. His wife Narjis Amir then lashed out in support of her husband on social media and shut the mouths of those who questioned his loyalty.


“Even though we don’t need to explain our decision to anyone but for the people who care n support us my husband @iamamirofficial doesn’t need to play for England or any other country he is a proud Pakistani and loves playing and representing his country PAKISTAN. Not just him even if our child Minsa ever wants to play cricket she will represent Pakistan like her father as it’s his wish,” the note read.

“He has retired from test cricket only not cricket. He has done that so he could give more to one day and T20 and make his country proud like always. I wish peace to all the negative people out there may Allah help u positivity is a great blessing from Allah may all the negative people be blessed with that,” Mohammad Amir’s wife further added.

Mohammad Amir can one day play for England

Now that Mohammad Amir has announced his retirement from Pakistan cricket, who knows he may come back to international cricket one day in an England jersey. It is very difficult to predict from now what would happen. but a PTI source was quoted as saying in July 2019 that Mohammad Amir was keen on getting a British passport so that he could settle in England and play his cricket there. Only time will tell what will Mohammad Amir do with his cricketing career.


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