Here Is The Reason Why WWE Changed The Name Of Madcap Moss

A WWE superstar is getting a new name. According to Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer, Madcap Moss will be renamed. Meltzer says that Madcap Moss is going back to his original name of Riddick Moss.


Moss was Baron Corbin’s sidekick previously who made jokes and that was his gimmick last year. But then they had a falling out and he has dropped his clownish gimmick since. Moss has been having somewhat of a lackluster career since his time on the main roster.

The only notable things he has done are winning the 2022 André the Giant Memorial Battle Royal and the parody 24/7 championship. He has also unsuccessfully challenged for the NXT North American Championship and the Intercontinental Championship. He is known for his cocky personality and a ripped physique since his time in NXT. WWE may be repackaging him to get back to his old persona.


Meltzer said, “They are dropping the Madcap Moss name, since they dropped the actual gimmick some time ago, and he’ll be Riddick Moss going forward.”

Who is Madcap Moss dating ?

Moss is in a relationship with Emma both on and off-screen. She returned last year to WWE after exactly five years and soon her relationship with Moss became public. They have both only made only sporadic TV appearances in recent times.

Riddick Moss has an impressive college football career and a world of athletic potential and charisma. Back in NXT he used to team with Tino Sabbatelli, another college football star.


They called their team the God Gifted Athletes but Sabbatelli left the company later. In the upcoming Draft, if Moss moves to RAW with his girlfriend, they can start a new angle and even get into a feud with other couples. With the right push, Moss can easily rise to the top of the WWE mountain but will it happen? We will just have to wait and watch.

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