Here Is The Reason Why Trish Stratus Looks So Young Even At The Age Of 47

Trish Stratus is 47 years old but looks no older than someone half her age. The Canadian superstar’s fitness regime is something all should follow.

Stratus turned heel a couple of weeks earlier and explained her heel turn this week on RAW. She demanded respect and called out Beck Lynch, whom she had attacked two weeks earlier. She claimed that she isn’t a sidekick and doesn’t look like one.

Stratus said, “I’m not a nostalgia act. I’m not your childhood fantasy and I damn sure am nobody’s sidekick. I am the most important figure in the history of WWE and I am here to make sure none of you forget it,”


Her athletic ability is un-matchable, even though she is on the wrong side of 40s. The 47-year old is a fitness icon and shares videos of her fitness routines online occasionally. She had posted on Instagram that during Covid, she had lost motivation to continue her usual fitness regimen. But after the break, she continued her late-night workouts for a year until she was at her peak fitness condition.

What is the secret behind the ageless Trish Stratus?

The Hall of Famer’s prime focus was yoga and she has posted multiple times of her performing the most difficult positions. Trish even has her own yoga studio in Canada called Stratusphere. However, Trish is not new to this fitness role as she was a fitness model for many years. There are several fitness shoots of her online, some quite bold.



It is for the first time that Trish Stratus has turned heel in 18 years. And to do this after her return so many years later has shocked the WWE Universe.  On RAW too, she was dressed in all-back signifying her evil intentions.

She also revealed that it was she who attacked fellow Hall of Famer Lita backstage, before taking her place in the Women’s Tag Team title match, where Trish was pinned. This rivalry between Trish and Becky should lead up to a match at Backlash at Puerto Rico, next month.


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