Here Is The Reason Why Pat McAfee Is Absent From WWE SmackDown

WWE Color commentator Pat McAfee has been one of the most charismatic and entertaining personnel in the company. The former NFL Player revolutionized the role of a commentator in the WWE with his exceptional energy, charisma, and excitement that exceeds beyond just sitting and calling the WWE action and morphing into jumping on tables, standing and shouting out loud at an OMG moment, and giving a new direction to his role that has never been witnessed before in the WWE.


Along with his commentary skills, the host of the Pat McAfee Show has shown an incredible display of in-ring acumen dating back to the time he engaged in an intense rivalry with Adam Cole to make his Wrestlemania debut against the Blue-Chip Austin Theory (and technically Vince McMahon) and most recently defeating Happy Corbin at WWE SummerSlam 2022.

Pat McAfee discloses how he managed both SmackDown and College GameDay

The recent WWE TV programming has seen an absence from McAfee leaving the fans wondering if the SmackDown color commentator has left the company. However, Pat has announced that he is set to take a break from the WWE to be part of a new project with ESPN: College Game Day. He is known to be a mainstay on WWE Smackdown as a prominent member of the commentary team alongside Michael Cole and is known to handle his career in the WWE, his own Podcast show, and other projects in a balanced manner.


He spoke about working with WWE and ESPN’s GameDay at the same time on The Pat McAfee Show and also stated to continue working in both roles, but was advised against it by the WWE management due to which he decided to venture out with ESPN leaving WWE on a temporary basis:

“Triple H called me and was like, ‘Hey, can you get to Buffalo for SmackDown because we don’t have anybody basically?’ and I had College GameDay the next morning in Memphis. So Jim Irsay, this is the joke of my life, Jim Irsay gave me his jet to fly to Buffalo and GameDay in Memphis the next morning. I was on like two hours of sleep, but it was accomplishable.


WWE Chief Content Officer Triple H himself tweeted about McAfee’s temporary hiatus giving clarity on the subject.

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