Here Is The Reason Why Only 5 Members Debuted As Wyatt Sicks Members On WWE RAW

The wait for unravelling the mystery surrounding QR codes and glitches all over WWE platforms finally came to a conclusion on the latest episode of Monday Night RAW in Corpus, Christi, Texas.

Following the conclusion of the main event match between Finn Balor, Rey Mysterio, and Jey Uso, the lights went off in the entire arena. A similar sound echoed throughout, with the fireflies engulfing the entire space, setting the tone for Uncle Howdy’s impending return.

The return began with a door opening to massive lighting, with a female figure crawling to the center of the stage, which had Bray Wyatt’s trademark lantern kept. As the camera panned backstage, the scene was dark and of carnage laid across the entire WWE Gorilla Position, with more mysterious figures revealed. Moreover, several WWE officials and superstars, including Chad Gable, were seen laid out.


At that moment, Uncle Howdy was finally spotted as he and his dark minions made their way to the entrance ramp signaling their arrival in WWE. However, it was interesting to note that there were only five members of the new faction when it was rumored to be called Wyatt Sicks.

What is the assumption behind only having five members in the new Uncle Howdy faction in WWE?

At the end of Monday Night RAW, Uncle Howdy and his four dark accomplices made a huge statement. As mentioned, there were only five members in total, despite being rumored to be called Wyatt 6.

However, it is assumed that one spot was left to honor the legacy of Bray Wyatt and assuming him to assume that spot spiritually kept his presence alive on WWE television programming. As it is known, the new faction led by Uncle Howdy, who is Bray’s brother, Bo Dallas, is set to pay homage to Wyatt and keep his name and spirit alive among the WWE Universe in a new way. With the faction finally out of the shadows, it will be interesting to see who the faction targets first.


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